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The Community Health Board Coalition (CHBC) is a community-led organization that works to improve the health outcomes in our refugees, immigrants, and BIPOC communities in Western Washington through policy and systems change. We represent 16 BIPOC communities who are mostly immigrants, refugees, and people of color, representing historically underserved communities.

Advocacy & Recommendations

Even before COVID-19 became a pandemic in our region, CHBC had been pushing to ensure our communities’ rights in education, health care, mental health were upheld and their humanity recognized by a system that for so long has failed to value them in a meaningful way.

Covid-19 has put these concerns into starker relief. As a result, CHBC is working closely with community partners to lift BIPOC, immigrant and refugee communities voices since they have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

    Policy Initiatives
    The CHBC has been working towards improved health outcomes for the communities represented, since 2017. Our focus areas have been mental health and health priorities, which we have determined using Community Based Participatory Research.

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    Decolonizing Research
    Our Elders have passed on important ancestral knowledge that helps us continue to grow and stay rooted. All of the research conducted by CHBC applies decolonizing and anti-racist methods in order to shift health care systems and policy and better serve our communities. 

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    'Everything Is Medicine' Report
    Our research team members, lead by Dr. Damarys Espinoza, disseminated the report: ‘Everything is Medicine’, December, 2019. As a result of this work, we arrived at 5 key main policy recommendations.

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